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From a Nurse’s Lens: Nurturing Community, Care and Meaningful Connections

A nurse at the Lennox and Addington County General Hospital.

In the world of healthcare, there’s an exceptional heartbeat in our close-knit community. Just ask Sondra, a dedicated emergency room nurse at Lennox and Addington County General Hospital.

Sondra’s journey in nursing began in 2012, far from the close-knit community she now calls home. It was only after becoming a mother that she made the life-changing decision to move her career to the hospital in Napanee. And she hasn’t looked back since.

“I love being here,” she says. “I feel a strong sense of community in this hospital. Being close to home and meeting fellow community members has been amazing.”

This hospital is not just a medical facility. It’s a place where lives intertwine, where bonds form, and where genuine care thrives.

To Sondra, her connection to her community is what truly sets this hospital – and the care patients receive – apart.

“Their worries are my worries,” she tells us, her eyes reflecting the compassion that drives her. “Building relationships within our community allows us, as nurses, to care for them on a personal level.”

But it goes beyond proximity. It’s about understanding and continuous care. Sondra explains, “You can better understand their struggles and sicknesses.” It’s a sentiment that shapes her approach to patient care.

Every day, Sondra puts herself in her patients’ shoes, asking, “What would I need from my healthcare team if I were in their shoes?” This simple yet profound question guides her actions.

And she’s not alone in this vision. Her colleagues, all dedicated members of the same community, work together with a common goal: to improve their hospital because they live and work there.

Their unity is their strength.

Yet, what truly distinguishes this hospital is the personalized care it provides. Sondra highlights their unwavering commitment to follow-up care, saying, “We regularly follow up with patients, like checking lab results, and when I call them, they appreciate it.” In a fast-paced world, such attention is priceless.

But make no mistake. Nursing is a demanding profession. It comes with long hours, anxious patients and emotional stress. Sondra acknowledges these challenges, saying, “It’s hard because as a nurse, we want to help people.”

Amidst these challenges, the hospital in Lennox and Addington stands as a beacon of hope.

Having everything under one roof streamlines patient care, as Sondra experienced firsthand when she became a patient herself in June 2022 after a horseback riding accident left her unconscious and with a broken jaw.

“I’m just so thankful for our local community because I was so well-supported by my co-workers, the physicians, and the management here,” she recalls.

So, why is it crucial to support our local hospital and secure its future for generations to come?

Sondra’s answer is clear and heartfelt.

“Community support means everything. This hospital needs our support. We’re a smaller community, and these services are incredibly important. We need to encourage people who live and work here to contribute to our community.”

In Sondra’s words, the message is simple but ever so powerful: It’s up to us, the community, to ensure our local healthcare thrives. Let’s come together and rally behind our hospital, a pillar of our community, and a lifeline for those in need.