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50/50 Raffle: Winners

Date: Monthly
Location: Online
Proceeds Directed To: Better care for you and your loved ones

Thank you for playing the LACGH Foundation 50/50 raffle!
Proceeds from the draws will assist with the purchase of critical care equipment and capital improvements for our hospital.

Thank you to everyone who participated, purchased tickets and helped spread the word. Together, we are helping to keep health care close to home!

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Title Date
Grand Prize Winner: D-6246 January 31, 2024
Grand Prize Winner: D-19347 December 22, 2023
Early Bird Winner: D-6981 December 21, 2023
Early Bird Winner: B-9450 December 7, 2023
Early Bird Winner: B-2887 November 23, 2023
Grand Prize Winner: C-16432 November 10, 2023
Early Bird Winner: B-5121 October 19, 2023
Grand Prize Winner: C-2171 September 14, 2023
Early Bird Winner: D-1015 August 31, 2023
Grand Prize Winner: D-6359 August 17, 2023
Grand Prize Winner: D-5403 July 20, 2023
Early Bird Winner: B-2980 July 6, 2023
Grand Prize Winne: D-1695 June 22, 2023
Grand Prize Winner: B-5512 May 25, 2023
Early Bird Winner: D-2002 May 11, 2023
Grand Prize Winner: D-2244 April 27, 2023
Grand Prize Winner: B-3853 March 2, 2023
Grand Prize Winner: C-10168 January 5, 2023
$500 Early Bird: D-2633 December 22, 2022
Grand Prize Winner: C-4424 December 8, 2022
Grand Prize Winner: C-6724 November 10, 2022
Grand Prize Winner: D-16765 October 13, 2022
Early Bird Winner: D-10959 September 29, 2022