Planned Giving

Gift of Securities and Stock Options

Publicly traded shares can be transferred to the LACGH Foundation electronically from a Donor’s brokerage account to the Foundation’s investment account. The LACGH Foundation will issue a tax receipt for the FMV of the stock at the time it is received by the Foundation.

Benefits to the Donor:

  • Elimination of capital gains allowing the Donor to give more and avoid paying capital gains.
  • Check out some additional resources and benefits here.

Complete this FORM to transfer publicly traded securities to the LACGH Foundation. Thank you.


Life Insurance Gifting

With the gift of life insurance, the Donor has a few options – name the LACGH Foundation as the beneficiary of the insurance policy or transfer the ownership of the life insurance policy to the Foundation while continuing to pay the premiums.

Benefits to the Donor:

  • Tax receipt benefits the estate while avoiding probate tax.
  • After the ownership of the insurance policy is transferred Donors will receive income tax receipts for premiums.
  • Eligibility for a tax receipt for the fair market value of the policy.
  • Income tax relief is experienced in real time with the assurance that a generous gift will be made to the LACGH Foundation at a later date.

Gifts in your Will

The LACGH Foundation can be left a gift in your will. A bequest can be in the form of a specific amount, a percentage of the estate or a specific item of value.

Benefits to the Donor:

  • Bequests can be of any value to assist health care in our area.
  • A larger gift to the Foundation and no immediate outlay to the Donor.
  • Income tax receipt to the estate will positively impact income tax owing.
  • Gifts will generate interest that can be put towards supporting substantial program development and purchase of state of the art medical equipment.

Legacy wording for your will – forthcoming.


Consider naming the LACGH Foundation as beneficiary of your RRSP or RRIF and your estate will benefit by receiving an income tax receipt which will off set tax owing.


The LACGH Foundation will consider accepting gifts in kind provided they further the vision and mission of the organization. Acceptable gifts-in-kind include listed and fixed value preferred shares (a common tool used by business owners for financial and tax planning), real estate, gifts of interest in real estate and trusts. Please note the LACGH Foundation does not accept gifts of cryptocurrency. However, donors can sell the cryptocurrency and donate the cash to the LACGH Foundation.